Bride’s Checklist

It’s a good idea to approach a wedding planner once you’ve gathered your thoughts about how you’d like your wedding in Bali to be. Here are some of the points you might like to consider at the outset:

  • What’s your budget?
    Wedding planners can only recommend wedding service providers to you once they know your wedding budget.
  • What date do you want to get married?
    Bali’s dry season runs from April to October and although the wet season sees more rain, there’s still plenty of sunshine and wedding villas in Bali often cost quite a lot less during low season.
  • Would you like a legal wedding ceremony?
    If so, this requires the submission of certain documents and your wedding planner will need to make sure you meet all of the necessary requirements (see ‘Legal weddings in Bali’).
  • Do you dream of getting married in a Bali chapel or a Bali villa?
    Do you want your wedding to be set before the sultry sea or in a beautiful tropical garden?
    What does your budget allow? Give some careful thought to your preferred wedding venue and location.
  • Does your Bali wedding villa allow fireworks, bands, dancers, DJs and dancing?
    Some Bali wedding villa venues require permission from the local banjar (residents’ committee) if events involve amplified sound.
  • How many people you wish to invite?
    It might sound obvious, but you should make sure that your venue can host your selected number of guests.
  • What style of photography would you like to capture your special day?
    Traditional or Candid? Black & white or colour? Pre-wedding photos too? Let your wedding planner know your budget and ask which photographers they most highly recommend.
  • How formal do you want your wedding catering to be? What food and drink would you like served?
    Where can you get Champagne from in Bali and how much will it cost?
    Your dining choices will reflect the overall theme of your day. Knowing your budget will assist your wedding planner in proffering options.
  • Have you considered what flowers you would like at your wedding?
    Bali offers a striking range of tropical flora which will make the most exotic of wedding bouquets and displays. If you’re after a precise theme, make a PowerPoint collage of your favourite bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Will you want your hair styled or make-up done?
    Check with your wedding planner that their pick of stylists offer practice runs (or two) before the day to ensure that you’re completely happy with your look.
  • Would you like to arrange for favours to be bought for your guests?
  • Can your wedding planner arrange a special Fast Track service at the airport?
    This special service will enable your wedding party to clear airport security quickly and is guaranteed to make guests feel special as soon as they arrive.
  • Can you visit Bali to do a recce prior to the wedding?
    Choosing the details of your wedding from overseas can be tough so decide whether or not you will be able to visit Bali in advance of your big day so that your wedding planner can show you venues, set up food tasting menus, meet photographers and other suppliers.